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Catholic Transcript Article: A Young Woman’s Choice: The Village or the Road.

By Michael R. Bourque, M.D. The passing of our most recent Mother’s Day, along with my work in poor villages in Haiti and the Dominican Republic, have made me take a fresh view of the enormous sacrifices that women make for the sake of our future children. In our country: flowers, cards, dinners out, and […]

Dame Marie, Haiti.. A Collaboration and a New Direction

Back in October, 2011, three of our veterans traveled to four cities in Haiti over a week’s time, and visited ten hospitals. We were looking for a place we could adopt as our own, and then work on a long term basis to help the community learn and grow by teaching Haitian medical staff how […]

Scouting Trip to Haiti

Back in September, 2011, three members of our Blue Mission team spent one week traveling over much of Haiti. We were trying to find a suitable place where we could bring a small team, and start our first medical mission in that country. The email summary below that I sent to our veterans, shows how […]

Our Founding Members..

At the center of any successful organization, is the core group of like minded individuals that make it all happen. Dr. Daoud is our originating father, having started doing international mission work in the early 2000’s by himself. As his motivation and interest in doing more  in the third world grew, he added key member […]

Community Outreach Fund

Community Outreach Fund Saint Francis Hospital Sponsored Mission Trips   The Community Outreach Fund was established to provide assistance to employees who volunteer to serve on Saint Francis Sponsored medical missions in poor countries, and in other areas following various disasters. Assistance may be either in the form of financial OR Earned-Time-Off assistance. This fund […]

Behind The Scenes..

A well run mission trip doesn’t just happen. Instead a mountain of work and preparation must be hand packed into each one: from travel plans to logistics to supplies, personnel, and much more. Please read our Blue Team’s Kathy Aries’ thoughts about her role as quartermaster of supplies and equipment. “Planning.. for a week of […]

Vaccination Information: Carribean

  IMMUNIZATIONS AND PERSONAL SAFETY Before traveling abroad on a medical mission, you need to get various vaccinations and medications for vaccine-preventable diseases and other diseases you might be at risk for at your destination. To have the most benefit, see a health-care provider at least 6 to 8 weeks before your trip to allow […]

A Helper’s Story..

We are grateful to be able to share with you this personal story by Matt Melton. He came as a general helper and a late replacement for a member of our Blue team. He did not have the benefit of any orientation meetings, or prior association with any of our mission veterans. He arrived in […]


On behalf of our veteran missionaries , our home team of volunteers, and Saint Francis Hospital and Medical Center, Dr. Abe Daoud and I welcome you to our Saint Francis International Mission Program. Formally begun in 2006, our international abilities have grown along with our experiences. We invite you to review our website, and contact […]

Mission Travel List

Travel Check List… This summary should be printed and reviewed at packing time. These recommendations come from two of our most experienced mission veterans: Pete Williams and Denise Bolduc. Administrative: Airline Ticket Passport (original and photocopy) Cash, traveler’s checks if wanted 10$ US for Country Entry Fee (if required for the country you are traveling […]