Our Founding Members..

At the center of any successful organization, is the core group of like minded individuals that make it all happen. Dr. Daoud is our originating father, having started doing international mission work in the early 2000’s by himself. As his motivation and interest in doing more  in the third world grew, he added key member volunteers. These veterans became the cornerstone of our surgical mission experience. Together, they hammered out the protocols and techniques of running a field hospital in the third world setting. And they became very capable of performing difficult surgeries without running water or even electricity. A few years later, Dr Bourque became inspired, having served with Dr. Daoud on a particularly difficult trip. He returned from the field and decided to enlist the resources of our hospital in expanding the amount of work that could be done. Sister Judy Carey, of the Saint Francis  Administration, agreed to help, and a second team was formed. Thus our formal program was born in November, 2006.

Now here we are five years later, with 18 missions under our belts, hundreds of volunteers having served, and thousands of patients having received surgical, medical, and dental help in three separate countries. The heart of each team is still made up by these same original veterans who work now, year round to keep our program successful. They do this work, before, and after their own busy professional lives. So recently a special recognition ceremony was held to show our appreciation for these very special individuals.

Forming the original team by Dr. Daoud, is:

Pete Williams, Senior CRNA, and managing director of the Red Team.

Laurie Dauphin, RN, OR Nurse and OR Director of the Red Team,

Johamie Ramirez, Central Supply Leader and surgical instrument specialist.

Pete Williams, Abe Daoud, Laurie Dauphin, Johamie Ramirez

The second team, now called the Blue Team, is led by Dr. Bourque. Each of these members was personally mentored and trained over the course of multiple missions by the extraordinary individuals above.The heart of this team is anchored by:

Denise Bolduc, Senior CRNA, and Patient Safety Officer.

Kathy Aries, RN, Labor and Delivery Nurse and OR Supervisor.

Michael Tesoro, MD, Senior OB/GYN, and Director of the Medical Arm of the Blue Team. He was unable to attend this ceremony.

Denise Bolduc, Michael Bourque, Kathy Aries

Dr. Abe Daoud and Dr. Bourque, are very proud to stand with Sister Judy Carey.  Her prior mission experience, and wisdom in always doing the right thing in the right way, has lead us proudly to this point in time.

Abe Daoud, Sister Judy Carey, Michael Bourque

We humbly thank God for His blessings that have enabled us to do so much for so many. We pray for His continued help that we may serve in many more faraway places.

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