Mission Travel List

Travel Check List… This summary should be printed and reviewed at packing time. These recommendations come from two of our most experienced mission veterans: Pete Williams and Denise Bolduc.

Airline Ticket
Passport (original and photocopy)
Cash, traveler’s checks if wanted
10$ US for Country Entry Fee (if required for the country you are traveling to)
Charge card that has been notified of overseas travel dates
Phone that has been cleared for overseas use (if wanted, charges vary for carrier)
If you are going with MMI in the Dominican, they will rent you a local phone for a small fee that is very economical compared to US Charges. This perk may not always be available however on every trip.

3-4 t-shirts, under wear, socks
2 pairs of pant/shorts
Light weight jacket/fleece
Swim suit
Sun Hat
Underwear and socks
1 pair of close-toed shoes (sneakers or clogs)
1 pair of sandals (flip flops, Tevas, etc.)
3-4 pairs of scrubs

Personal hygiene: (travel or sample size)
Shave creme/razors
Tooth brush/paste/small bottle of Listerine to rinse, you don’t use local water for this
Repellent (with DEET)
Hand sanitizer
2 rolls of toilet paper (travel size)
Listerine for rinsing tooth brushes.
Baby wipes for personal use.
Medications: (personal and prescription)
Prescription meds in original bottles
Anti diarrhea
Anti nausea
Personal medical stuff:
“Tools of your trade”
Gloves sterile vs. non sterile

Odd and Ends:
Lightweight small sleeping bag or sheets, pillow case, and plastic mattress pad (you never know how old the bedding is you will be sleeping on)
1 to 2 water bottles (pack socks and under ware inside them so they don’t become wasted space in your luggage)
Nylon cord/twine
Small flashlight (LED lights last longest) with extra batteries (not in carry on)
Camera (a bunch of disposables work great – put your name on them)
Journal and/or note pad
Playing cards
Ipod or other headset used for music
Comfort food: (non melting) nuts, granola bars, dried fruit, crackers, whatever puts a smile on your face


  • EAR PLUGS since some of the accommodations include dormitory style rooming in.
  • Prepare an overnight bag in your carry on with a change of clothes, personal medications, and toiletries (in a Ziploc).
  • Remember that you cannot carry on to the plane, any sharp objects: scissors, nail files, nail clippers, etc. Also, any liquids which will be in your carry-on (including things like chap-stick –
  • should be in a Zip lock bag – or it will be confiscated at ground security). And all liquids should comply with the size restriction of the airline.
  • Using “compression” bags for your clothing, to eliminate as much air as possible is a very good idea when needing to find more space in your bag.
  • Put aside one “outfit” for dinner our last night.
  • Also recommend beside hand sanitizer either handi wipes or baby wipes as a method of refreshing yourself.
  • Also highly recommend putting together your own personal first aid kit!

Download a Printable Checklist (PDF)

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