"Medical Missions" Posts

Dame Marie, Haiti.. A Collaboration and a New Direction

Back in October, 2011, three of our veterans traveled to four cities in Haiti over a week’s time, and visited ten hospitals. We were looking for a place we could adopt as our own, and then work on a long term basis to help the community learn and grow by teaching Haitian medical staff how […]

Scouting Trip to Haiti

Back in September, 2011, three members of our Blue Mission team spent one week traveling over much of Haiti. We were trying to find a suitable place where we could bring a small team, and start our first medical mission in that country. The email summary below that I sent to our veterans, shows how […]

Behind The Scenes..

A well run mission trip doesn’t just happen. Instead a mountain of work and preparation must be hand packed into each one: from travel plans to logistics to supplies, personnel, and much more. Please read our Blue Team’s Kathy Aries’ thoughts about her role as quartermaster of supplies and equipment. “Planning.. for a week of […]

A Helper’s Story..

We are grateful to be able to share with you this personal story by Matt Melton. He came as a general helper and a late replacement for a member of our Blue team. He did not have the benefit of any orientation meetings, or prior association with any of our mission veterans. He arrived in […]