Scouting Trip to Haiti

Back in September, 2011, three members of our Blue Mission team spent one week traveling over much of Haiti. We were trying to find a suitable place where we could bring a small team, and start our first medical mission in that country. The email summary below that I sent to our veterans, shows how we accomplished our goals.

February Mission Trip to Dame Marie (PDF)


Coming home from Port au Prince, Juan Carlos Hernandez, one of our missionaries from Chile was able to take our photography footage and put it to a song by Ronnie Dunn. This was just for our personal use as well as to show the Administration at Saint Francis what we hoped to accomplish on our upcoming trip. Feel free to click on the link below. Again this is just for your personal edification, and not intended for any social media uses.

Please click on this link, download and view this three minute video. (You must have your computer volume on to hear the mission song message).

The link is:  for PCs.

for MACs.

If there is any problem opening this, please download it and select to play with Windows Media Player.


It is now the end of January, 2012, and in less than two weeks we will be on our way to Port au Prince and Dame Marie. Hundreds of hours of planning and packing have now been completed. Buses, planes, big and small, and land rovers will be needed to get to our destination.This trip will challenge us in many ways, but there is a small village that is expecting us to bring the magic of American medicine, where little hope now exists. We will do our best..



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